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AVR600 "The finest sound I have heard in my life" - Peter Moncrieff

Mon 18 May 2009 | Reviews and awards | Back to article list

In his review for US magazine Widescreen Review, internationally renowned audio journalist Peter Moncrieff has declared the AVR600 "The finest sound I have heard in my life, from any system. Ever. Anywhere."

In a full 6 page, in depth review of Arcams flagship receiver he gets right to the heart of the audio and video stages of the product using a high-end array of Bowers and Wilkins 800 series loudspeakers in his large dedicated listening room. In his summing up he states "Arcam's new AVR600 marks a huge advantage over the previous state of the art, in all sonic parameters"

The review in full is published in the May/June 2009 but is also available to read here.

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