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Arcam at CES - Day 3, the irDAC Brings Mega Performance And Extended Control

Thu 10 January 2013 | Events | Back to news list

Day 3 of the CES show sees Arcam show off another new DAC for music lovers. The current rDAC does one thing above all else; make people smile! The sound quality it delivers, regardless of source is outstanding. Customers and Industry pundits alike just love the rDAC but that wasn't going to stop the Arcam engineering team making it even better!

So, having added IR control, tweaked the power supply and added circuit design technologies from the high-end D33 DAC, the irDAC was born, and it's a stunner.

The USB input is, as you'd expect, asynchronous allowing the irDAC to re-clock the incoming signal for greater detail retrieval and a wider soundstage. Multiple inputs, including an iPod direct connection, mean just about any audio source can be dramatically improved with the irDAC and the resulting music experience is simply addictive.

Tomorrow, it's Bluetooth day with the new rBlink!

Arcam are exhibiting at suite 29-322 of the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas for the duration of the CES show which runs until Friday 11th.

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