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About Us

The better the system is, the more music you hear


Arcam is based just outside the famous university city of Cambridge, and our story started the classic way: two friends with a passion for music and electronics met up while engineering students at Cambridge University, and founded Amplification and Recording Cambridge in 1976.


Arcam launches the A60 and creates an iconic product that sold more than 30,000 amplifiers many of which are still in use today.


Arcam launches the T21 tuner to match the A60.


Arcam introduces the UK’s first totally designed and manufactured CD player. This started a quest to understand the principles of digital audio and has led to some world class digital audio products.


Arcam creates the stand alone DAC when it launched the Black Box ,the world’s first separate DAC system for CD playback.


Arcam enters the world of TV sound and releases the Delta 150. This NICAM tuner acquired the audio signal from TV broadcasts and allowed the viewer to experience hi-fi sound.


In 1995 Arcam gives the world the first audiophile AV amplifier the Xeta 1 that truly combines true stereo performance with class leading surround sound capabilities.


Arcam develops world’s first DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) tuner for the home the Alpha 10 tuner.



Arcam launches the Solo Music, the first performance lifestyle product to include DAB.


Arcam introduces class G amplification in the AVR600 to deliver an ideal combination of huge power and ultra- low distortion.


Arcam makes high quality and convenient wireless streaming utilising the latest Aptx technology via the rBlink Bluetooth DAC.


The A49 integrated amplifier is launched and is the first Class G Arcam stereo amp on the market


A new range of AV receivers that includes Dolby Atmos and DIRAC room correction is launched


Arcam releases a new generation of Solo Movie and Solo Music products that include Class G amplification. These are designed to be the best sounding all in one solutions available.

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Delivers moving audio that fills the room with breathtaking detail & control! (AVR850)

Charlie Brennan - CEO, Arcam


Our engineering

We've been developing and making CD players for almost 30 years, and for 40 years the descendants of the amplifier with which the company started in consumer electronics, and as far back as 1995 expanded into home cinema electronics, developing a world-class reputation for making some of the best-sounding AV electronics.

In home cinema we've also developed our own DVD players and, more recently, Blu-ray players from scratch here in the UK, engineering them using our decades of experience in CD players to ensure they play music as well as they do movies, delivering better all-round performance than other brands' products.



Hard-won techniques for preserving and handling the most delicate signal and reproducing music with all its subtleties, nuances and excitement intact are now in our blood. We know that as audio moves on from CD to even higher definition formats, we're determined our products should continue to serve the music faithfully and deliver maximum enjoyment to the listener.

Yes, we listen – we're a company of music-lovers, after all – but we also test and experiment in a scientifically rigorous manner. We like to say that ‘we measure what we treasure': we know that the better the engineering benchmarks we deliver the better the results we – and our customers – hear.

The future...

Hi-fi and home cinema systems are always evolving, and we – and our dealers – are here to help you keep up to speed with the latest developments, and make sure you make the right decisions.

Whatever future technology appears on the market we're confident we can engineer systems that get the absolute best reproduction from whatever format is available.

We've shown that no-nonsense engineering can work wonders when it comes to bringing music and movies to life: now we're delivering ever more ways to do that for a fast-changing entertainment world, and developing new products to make the most of whatever the future may bring.


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    Solo Music
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    Best Home Cinema Room
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    SR250 stereo receiver
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    Star of CES award

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    Three Awards
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    Sound & Vision Awards

  • 2014

    Best Home Cinema Room
    Clarity Alliance
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    AV Tech Media Awards
    Best High-End Receiver

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    Two Awards
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  • 2012

    AV Forums
    Highly Recommended Award

  • 2011

    rCube and rDAC
    Best in Class
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    SVI Trade Awards
    Three Gold Awards
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    Best High-end Amp
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    Best AV Receiver
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