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New 'Flat Speaker' technology announced by University of Warwick

Thu 20 Aug 2009

New 'Flat Speaker' technology announced by University of Warwick

The UK has a long history of innovation in audio and loudspeaker development is one area where the Brit's are held in high esteem indeed. UK companies such as Quad, Bowers & Wilkins, KEF, Tannoy and Wharfedale among many others are deeply ingrained in the audio history books with numerous technology firsts to their respective names. It doesn't stop with domestic audio either, many top speakers in the professional audio arena also sport a Union Jack on their marketing materials.

For many consumers though big box speakers being dumped into a beautifully decorated living space is just not an option. While custom installers are busy chiseling speakers into walls and ceilings to hide them away a great deal of research has been going on into flat speaker technologies, again here in the UK.

Scientists Dr Duncan Billson and Professor David Hutchins of the University of Warwick are latest team to have been beavering away and have recently announced an all new technology that's not just flat but flexible too! Their prototypes have now been developed to a point where a spin off company, Warwick Audio Technologies has been formed to market the work.

Professional applications for the technology are obvious, especially in the areas of public address etc. Time will tell if the technology will find favor in the critical audiophile arena too.

Image courtesy of The University of Warwick