For more than forty years Arcam has sought to bring music and movies in to people's homes with a level of clarity and realism that both engages and entertains. To help in this endeavour the Advice and Support section of our website offers a great deal of information.

Choosing and setting up your system takes a little care but can reap huge rewards in terms of performance. For most people finding a good dealer is an important first step.

Choosing good well matched component is an interesting process and there is no substitute for a comparative demonstration which Arcam dealers will often provide. Once you get your system home a little time setting up your system correctly will make sure you get the very best from your purchase.

Software Downloads are available on the relevant product page. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are also available on the relevant product page.


Visit the news page for the latest news and information from Arcam and our dealers.

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Our FAQ documents downloads are a great source of information and helpful tips that help you to configure your system for the best possible audio and video performance.

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Reviews and Awards

Arcam's authorised dealers are some of the most highly-trained and knowledgeable hi-fi and home cinema retailers around.

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The length of guarantee depends on the Arcam range involved. FMJ products are covered for 5 years provided their ownership is registered via (this excludes laser pickups and accessories which are covered for 2 years). All Solo and rSeries products are covered by a 2 year warranty.


Please note that the responsibility for servicing Arcam products rests with the Arcam retailer. It may be that the fault condition is simple to resolve and they can fix it themselves, or that the dealer needs to engage the support of Arcam or one of our national distributors. Please note that we are unable to engage with Arcam owners directly when it comes to servicing equipment.


Contacting your local Arcam dealer is most efficient way to obtain support. To receive help and support direct from Arcam please use the contact information on the following page..