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  • A29 Integrated Amplifier


  • CDS27 SACD/CD/Network streaming player


  • A39 Integrated Amplifier


  • A49 Integrated Amplifier


  • C49 Pre-amplifier


  • P49 Power amplifier


  • A19 Integrated Amplifier


  • D33 Digital to Analogue Converter


  • Muso Loudspeaker


  • irDAC Digital to Analogue Converter


  • airDAC Airplay & UPnP Digital to Analogue Converter


  • rBlink Bluetooth DAC


  • SonLink DAC for Sonos Zone Players


  • rPAC USB DAC / Headphone Amp


High-quality music components are where Arcam started, and its current FMJ range of separates has a pedigree developed over almost 40 years.

We started making stereo amplifiers back in the mid-70s, and we’ve built hundreds of thousands of systems since then, each one engineered to be transparent and faithful to the sound of your favourite recordings. Achieving those qualities is all about the constant struggle to reduce noise and distortion, allowing Arcam components to deliver detail, power and impact, and ensuring you’re swept up in the music, not listening to the hi-fi.

Engineering for enjoyment

When it was launched back in 1976, the A60 amplifier was the first of a new generation of amplifiers: the transistor technology was new, and it used a single-circuitboard design and a slimline chassis, combining striking performance with sleek good looks to set the standard for Arcam products to come. It was priced to offer superb value for money, too – another cornerstone of Arcam's philosophy – so it’s no surprise that over 30,000 units were sold, allowing the company to grow and music lovers to enjoy their collections anew.

From our FMJ stereo components to our home cinema products, and from the Solo systems to our rSeries 'computer audio' range, we still take the same approach to making more of your music. Whether you're streaming from a computer or an iPod, listening to CD or enjoying DAB, FM or Internet radio, we still use our combination of solid engineering principles, British ingenuity and high-quality manufacturing to ensure the very best sound quality, and the best possible listening experience whatever your choice of music.

All-in-one audio

How Solo makes great sound simple – and stylish

Arcam’s Solo range has expanded and adapted to the latest formats, and will continue to develop, but the principles of the latest systems are the same as when the range first appeared: Arcam’s famous audio quality in sleek packages made as simple to use as they’re stylish.

Designed to fit into any room, Solo is capable of striking sound quality when combined with the purpose-made Muso speakers, and will integrate with your iPod, or even your TV, to make more of your listening and viewing experience.

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