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For almost 20 years, we at Arcam have been as busy developing home cinema systems as we have continually improving our hi-fi products, but there’s really more to that statement than may at first appear.

You see, while we realised a long time back that even the biggest and best video display screen is nothing without a great sound system, we also believe that the perfect home entertainment system should sound as good when playing music as it does when crashing out the latest action movie or tingling your spine with atmospheric sound effects.

Designing for all-round entertainment

Making great-sounding home cinema disc players and multichannel surround-sound amplifiers isn’t easy, but at Arcam we don’t just want to show you how much more there is to enjoy beyond your TV’s speakers or a simple soundbar. We, and our dealers, want to demonstrate that a high-quality player and amplifier, matched with excellent speakers, can be just as good with music – in stereo from CD, your iPod or wherever, or in multichannel from SACD or Blu-ray disc.

It’s what we believe a complete home entertainment system should deliver: it shouldn’t just be rolled out for the big movies, but should be the hub of the family’s entertainment. You’ll be amazed how good your regular TV shows can sound through one of our home cinema amplifiers, and you’ll love the way our systems can wrap you in your favourite music, and even bring home the atmosphere of the concert-hall or opera house. Or put you in the middle of the crowd at your favourite arena. That’s why our multichannel home cinema products are engineered to the same standards as our stereo players and amplifiers, using all the engineering, design and listening experience we’ve built up over almost 40 years. Yes, we’ve added new expertise along the way, including ways to deliver the best possible picture to your display – but at the heart of these products, as always, is the sound.

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