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Win a White rCube at the Manchester Sound & Vision Show!

Thu 06 October 2011 | Arcam blog | Back to article list

If you're making your way to the Manchester Sound & Vision show on the 22nd & 23rd October make sure you stop by Arcam’s room (111) to hear just how good a Home Cinema system featuring Arcam's FMJ AVR400 Receiver and BDP100 Blu-ray Player can sound. It is still a fact that most Home Cinema systems sound like a pack of hyenas in heat and are even worse on music (they make us laugh anyway) Arcam Home Cinema sounds detailed, dynamic, cinematic and totally musical, a feat our competitors just cannot emulate.

Also check out some serious two channel Hi-Fi action from our award winning Arcam rDAC converter and while you are with us, enter the FREE Competition for a White Arcam rCube....... it’s going to be a White Christmas for someone somewhere this year!

Manchester Show Website

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