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Munich Make Magical Music!

Sat 08 May 2010 | Events | Back to news list

This years High End show in Munich showed there's certainly no let up in the quest for staggeringly realistic sound reproduction. Held at the MOC, one of Europe's most easily negotiated exhibition centres, the show was full of exhibitor displays of audio equipment from the sublime to the...well you get the idea!

No matter what your budget there were audio systems sure to revive your record collection, from simple "one-box" systems to wallet busting industrial sculptures designed to visually thrill while also doubling as speakers! While an almost endless supply of highly polished turntables were on show (and demo) this years show featured a noticeable upturn in computer audio. Many a demo was using a PC or Mac as source and a variety of rendering devices were turning all the "ones and zeros" back into music, in many cases surprisingly well!

For any music enthusiast the High End show is a little pilgrimage that's highly engaging and difficult to forget. The show runs until Sunday 9th May.

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