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Home Network Questions? Ask an Arcam dealer!

Tue 10 May 2011

Home Network Questions? Ask an Arcam dealer!

Not long ago it was still pretty neat to wonder round your house with a laptop and access the Internet from anywhere. Nowadays the number of network equipped devices in the home has ballooned meaning it’s more important than ever to have a robust, properly working network in your house, whether wired or wireless.

Most ISPs (Internet Services Providers to you and me) give away a free “wireless router” these days and these are designed to be quick and easy to get going. In fact, many now arrive with quick-start menus and guides for new users. These can be very useful for basic wireless surfing but when you’ve filled up the meagre number of sockets they have, or, your wireless network doesn’t stretch far enough round the house (or down the garden) who do you call?

ISPs and high street computer retailers are often not equipped to help but AV dealers and specialist Custom Installers can be perfect, especially if you need to access your media in different rooms. Audio Video dealers, such as the ones Arcam chooses as it’s retail partners, have a wealth of experience in Networking and many are trained by industry bodies such as CEDIA and BADA to ensure they’re fully equipped to help.

Why not contact your local dealer and see how your home network could free your music and movies to be enjoyed all around your home?