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Arcam Introduce MZ8 and MZ12 Custom Install Power amps

Wed 12 August 2009 | Arcam blog | Back to article list

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Arcam sound quality in every room in your house? Multi room audio has been around for a number of years but it has always lack the sound quality of a really good HiFi system. - until now.

The MZ8 and MZ12 bring Arcam's acclaimed sound quality to the realm of multi-room audio by offering 8 or 12 channels of power amplification in one convenient unit. While the MZ8/12 do without the luxurious cosmetics of other Arcam products (most will be installed in cupboards and racks after all) nothing has been left to chance where it in the audio stages where the amps use award winning, proven circuitry to deliver sensational sound no matter what type of speakers are used.

The MZ8 and MZ12 are available now from your local Arcam dealer.

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