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Arcam in bespoke "Custom Installed" systems

Tue 16 November 2010 | Arcam blog | Back to news list

While the simplicity and portability of the rCube has truly mass appeal Arcam's higher performance equipment often finds itself in more exclusive systems where portability just isn't an issue. "Custom Installation" (or CI) is the industry term for bespoke audio, video, lighting and control systems that are individually designed and installed in specific locations for specific people. Most often this means a nice house or boat!

Arcam have been supporting the CI business for many years and the RS232 and Ethernet sockets often found on the back of its equipment are for external control. One such installation has recently been featured by website "Unplgged" (nope that's not a spelling error...). Called the "Luxloft" and situated in Latvia the 140 square metre apartment is simply crammed with technology for smarter living.

Read the full story at the LuxLoft page of the Unplgged website. To find a local installer that can transform your home with custom technology start at Arcam's dealer page.

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